Sunday, November 4, 2007

What Hillary Clinton Should Say

I don’t think Hillary should keep playing along with the unspoken assumption that First Lady experience across-the-board doesn’t count.

She should just say, “Yeah, I spent 8 years being a First Lady, and I was a politically engaged First Lady who knew a lot about the issues and talked to my husband and all our friends and his staff about policy a lot within the extent of what I had security clearance for. I wasn’t there just to meet with dignitaries and throw tea parties, I was always a person who knew a lot about policy, talked a lot about it, thought a lot about it, stayed informed a lot about it, and continued to do all this throughout my time with Bill in the White House. So, yeah, it counts as experience. I had about as close-up a view of what the president was doing as you can get, barring a few people working with Bill who had more security clearance than me by nature of their jobs in the administration.”