Wednesday, February 27, 2008

McCain's Not Great

This kind of a post is actually a little discouraging. I used to think the Carpetbagger Report was just naive every once in a while, but recently, it's gotten worse, and he writes things like this too often. Let's not be mistaken here- if a person like John McCain, with the record of saying things he says and doing things he does, makes a statement like this when he's running for president, there's a pretty good chance he's just trying to make himself look alright for moderate voters in the general election. Every presidential candidate does it, George Bush did it, we've all seen it before- the candidate's statements beginning during the general election campaign and running right up until the day of the general election do not reflect the actual man. But the point with John McCain is that the actual man is like Bill Cunningham. Praising that kind of man when he puts up a fig leaf to mislead you, and doing it on a big, widely-read blog, is not helpful at all.

Also terrible is the description of John McCain having a face-to-face shouting match with another Senator. "Two pit-bulls"? "Though I was going to witness a murder"? What is this-- supposed to put people in awe of McCain's temper? It sounds too much like trying to make a bad personality characteristic (a bitchy, whiny short-fuse temper) sound like awe-inspiring or admirable personality characteristics-- having balls, being tough. John McCain is neither. He is a little, self-important, rich-kid prick who lies his way through his work at congress and in front of the media, and who deals with dirty money while claiming he's the best at fighting corruption. The guy is a dishonest liar and he shouldn't be holding his chin up and giving tough looks to anybody- it's unlikely there is anybody he could find to argue with who less deserves his pride than himself.