Friday, February 29, 2008


Weird post from The Carpetbagger Report today.

Steve Benen (The Carpetbagger Report), Kevin Drum, and Matt Yglesias used to be three of the best bloggers out there. Now they're each slowly getting less and less reliable over the past few months.

Here's this gem from Steve Benen today about the latest Hillary Clinton ad:

Maybe I’ve become desensitized a bit, but this one didn’t really faze me that much. It feels like a regular ol’ Republican ad,
Get that? An ad that does nothing at all more than emphasize the difference in experience between her and her chief primary rival, in a race in which the greatest relavent difference between the two candidates is the experience gap, is accused of being "a regular ol' Republican ad." What? What does this ex-campaign adivsor want us to do? Not play politics effectively?

Like the commenters on the liberal blogosphere, who, unlike Democrats in general, have become inexplicably, over 90% Obama supporters, and often vituperatively so, like the worst of Rush Limbaugh talking smack about Hillary (and then when they are challenged about it in comments, they protest that it isn't so and accuse the Hillary campaign and supporters of doing all the nasty stuff) Steve Benen has gotten straight-up weird lately.

What explains all that?

Even if he's decided he strongly supports Obama, why does he want to set an example of how not to do effective campaigning and ads?