Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rudy Giuliani

Since Rudy Giuliani's campaign disappeared, or faded away, or whatever description you may find most amusingly deprecative, I've started to reflect on that a little more deeply at times when I've remembered, "Wow. Giuliani's campaign is over, and I barely think about it anymore. That's funny how it's so over with." I don't give a damn about Rudy enough to continue this train of thought for long, usually, but I think I've finally got the thing: the failure of Giuliani's candidacy shows us, at least, that the formula of pandering in the worst, most cowardly, dishonorable way-- being the most dishonest and appealing to the worst in people-- is not, now, a winner. It is not the formula to persuading the American people.

And that is a reason we still have hope.