Sunday, July 20, 2008

Clinton Won't Be Veep

This sounds like something I was thinking today.

I guess it's safe to bet by now that Clinton won't be picked by Obama to be his Veep. If he wanted to do it, there is no reason why he wouldn't have done it promptly (i.e., by now), since she's such an obvious choice, and has so many supporters. Hillary and her husband probably are starting to realize this and to feel burned, since it probably seemed like she was a pretty logical choice for Barack, and it probably seemed not a bad bet that he would pick her-- so, they might have been inclined to just keep assuming it would likely-as-not happen, even though a formal decision / announcement might take a long time for whatever reasons (like Barack wanting to appear like he was making a considered decision, and not reflexively bowing to so-called "powerful" or "obvious" choices).

Some people might challenge my premise that Hillary is such an obvious choice. They may look at what the media has to say about it, and contend that because the media says so, that there are actually a lot of reasons not to want Hillary. But I would answer that that is what the media says-- the Republican, taken-over, media. In fact, Hillary Clinton is a great choice, and brings a lot of loyal followers, fund-raising potential and wonky, public-spirited experience to the fold. People may say that Barack wouldn't want to be smothered or out-shone by Hillary-- that the town isn't big enough for the both of them. But Barack has already beaten Hillary in the battle for the nomination, and people already commonly acknowledge that he is a better speaker than her (another piece of evidence about this is the fact that his speaking events have always attracted a much larger number of attendees than hers). How is she going to outshine him? And Bill Clinton is a disgraced, tired old man. Instead of worrying he could be outshone by them, Barack could be getting a power-trip off of outshining the Clintons himself.

Other people may say that a rejection of Hillary is a rejection of "the system" or "the way things are done in Washington." But Hillary was never that "plugged in" or powerful. Those were things just what the Republicans tried to demonize her as. Hillary and Bill were pro-black, pro-working class upstarts. The media is not nearly as hard on George W. Bush, one of the worst and dumbest Presidents in U.S. history, as it has been on Hillary. And someone who is truly "plugged in" and "powerful" in more than a transitory sense does not get regularly ridiculed by a corrupt news media, and does not have her innocent daughter preyed on by them, and does not have them and the government work as hard as possible through very corrupt means to expose her husband's affair. No, Hillary Clinton is not American royalty, and she is not anything like it.

In turn, Barack's refusal to make the easy choice of picking Hillary to be veep is further evidence for my theory that he has been compromised (bullied or threatened by Republicans into following their orders), which I now feel pretty convinced of. Hillary and Bill seem to be out-of-the-loop of the VP selection process, too-- so if Barack was for real on this, why would he keep stringing them and Hillary supporters along for so long? Why wouldn't he be a little more overtly definite about what he's doing? Probably whoever he picks out to be his veep will be someone who secretly harbors Republican loyalties.