Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tony Snow no longer working as propagandist-- sounds good to me

And I don't mind much that he died, either.

Should we have expressed sympathy to Goebbels' family when he died? Probably not, right?

What if Goebbels had died just prior to WWII? One year prior? Two years prior?

I think we're better off without Tony Snow, and in light of all that the Bush administration has done to Americans, I think what is impolite is expressing any regret over Snow's death.

That's one less guy who got us into Iraq for Cheney's oil, and then worked to keep us there, without a single sincere regret.

It's not worth mourning the likes of him, not in this day and age and considering what our country has gone through. If his kind had been less successful harming our country, maybe I'd be sucker enough to express some token regret over this guy's death (but even if all the extraordinarily bad things that have happened to our country after 9/11 hadn't happened, Tony Snow would probably just have been sticking up for Republican vote-stealing tactics, or the Rovian slime machine, or something similarly sinister, anyway). I see no reason to kiss the ass of someone who abuses us like this just because he died (a perfectly natural thing that inevitably happens to everybody, good and bad alike).

Good riddance.