Friday, July 25, 2008

McCain Comes Out In Favor Of Withdrawal From Iraq

Providing more support to my long-held belief that the conservatives' leaders may have quietly decided amongst themselves that we need to get out of Iraq, comes this via The Carpetbagger Report:

After stating that setting a timetable was a “strategy for defeat,” McCain has decided he likes Maliki’s sixteen month timetable.
My guess is that we'll be seeing the conservatives come out more and more against the Iraq war now, although perhaps very gradually (so people don't notice too much). The rationales will be that the Iraqis want us out and that the surge has "accomplished its mission" (which will be implied to have been to make it possible for us to remove most of our presence by at least not-too-long after Barack would do it if he is elected). Today, McCain was saying that the surge has worked and accomplished its mission.

We'll know for sure whether the conservatives are really doing what I think they are doing-- changing their minds behind our backs and waiting to figure out when is the best time and way to change their side's position publicly-- after a while. My guess is that if you keep your eyes on the news for a couple of months, you'll see at least a couple of more indications of it, and perhaps sooner rather than later. I know I was surprised to hear this stuff from McCain today.