Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Something For The Weird-File

UPDATE: Pointing out that somebody said slavery is okay isn't "going after them" just because their parent is a politician. "Going after" somebody is doing something like criticizing something about them through mass-media that is nobody's business and that is totally unjustified to criticize (like their physical appearance or mundane, normal details about their sex-life). People who believe in slavery are an affront to our whole society, and it's definitely newsworthy when a would-be Senator raises a child to adulthood who believes in something like that.

I have noticed so many bad things on Kevin Drum's blog and the Carpetbagger Report lately that I feel like doing a run-down post listing them all. But for now, here's this: check out this Carpetbagger Report post criticizing a Republican politician's son for endorsing slavery on a website and the comments written below it criticizing the Carpetbagger Report for "going after someone's 19 year old son," etc. Sorry folks, but slavery is wrong, and any 19-year-old should know it, just like any 19-year-old should know that murder is wrong and that making fun of something like the Colorado school shootings from a few years back on the Internet is wrong. And especially a 19-year-old son or daughter of a politician should know it. A person who is not legally a minor and who does something like posts pro-slavery comments on the Internet should expect things to happen like other people-- even possibly people with widely viewed websites-- to criticize him or her for it. This is nothing like criticizing a politician's relative for his or her allged sex life or for his or her physical appearance.

Anyway, my honest opinion is 100% certainty that these comments were written by Republcican trolls pretending to be liberals. No real liberal would do something like attack someone for criticizing an adult for writing pro-slavery comments on the Internet, and it's actually amazing that liberals would write that several times in a row. Sorry, jerks, but there is no "You get to be a racist until you're 24 or 28 years old" rule.