Saturday, August 30, 2008

Final Thoughts On Palin

Here's Hillary Clinton on Palin. Needless to say, I think her too-diplomatic response is totally wrong. Palin isn't much of anything for women (or anyone else) to be happy about, because she's just a henchman for the conservatives to work against women's interests and the interests of other under-protected groups in our country. People like Palin help make the conservatives even more dangerous than if the public face of conservative politics consisted of white men alone, because people like Palin help fool people into thinking that conservative policies help women. So not only is Palin a particularly dangerous addition, she's also a particularly obnoxious traitor (because the work she's doing as his VP pick is to help the conservatives secure a whole bunch of political power all-at-once).

I for one am pretty sick of people having mixed feelings about things like highly visible conservative women and highly visible conservative racial minorities. Sarah Palin, Condaleeza Rice and the like are just enemies, at least almost-as-much as guys like McCain are our enemies. The only sense in which they're less culpable than McCain is by way of the possibility that a person like McCain may have a better idea of what conservatism is really all about, but (for instance) a black conservative TV news-magazine personality may be fooled into believing a lot of the lies he's been hired by McCain's ilk to tell.

It's pretty easy to figure out: If an ignorant woman sees another woman running as a conservative politician, she may conclude, "She's a woman, like me. We have the same interests that all women do. She must know more than I do about governing, because she's actually a politician, so if she thinks conservatives' politics are ok, I suppose they've got to be ok. At least, I think she looks honest." That's how conservatives manipulate people. They know that populism isn't their strong suit, so they try to disguise themselves as in some way populist. They used to try to publicly live up to their belief that only men should lead and work. But it became too unpopular idea, so they've got to disguise it a little-- and people like Palin help a lot. If it wasn't for a few people like her-- the Condaleeza Rices-- the conservatives would be doing much worse in this country.

Condaleeza Rice used to sleep with conservative, dicky, white jocks when she was in college. The only reason she does what she does is because she knew that a lot of white people looked down on black people, so being black made her feel small and powerless. She then realized that there was someone conservatives (supposedly) disliked more than black people-- the Russians or communists. If she could help white people fight their white enemies, she thought, they might like her and value her. So she became a Russia expert so she could stop being a black person. Condoleeza Rice is no role model for any black person or freedom fighter at all-- neither is Palin.