Thursday, August 14, 2008

Media Finally Notices McCain's Affairs Again, But Only As Little As Possible

The Carpetbagger Report writes:

After Sean Hannity argued on the air that those who are unfaithful to their spouses don’t deserve the public’s trust, Alan Colmes mentioned that John McCain is an admitted adulterer. First, this caused Hannity to go completely berserk. Second, good for Alan Colmes.
I might think it made sense for a person reading this to say, "Wow! Alan Colmes is great!" and perhaps even look him up on Wikipedia (if you didn't know he was the co-host of the show-- which is on Fox-- anyway). But if you consider that this is probably the only mention McCain's affairs are getting out of all the mainstream media coverage of Edwards' affair-- and thus (1) isn't going to make any real difference (2) except as an item to be passed around on liberal blogs, thus making Fox and Colmes look a little more fair (and thus making Dems who hear about the reamrks perhaps less motivated to oppose the Republicans)-- Colmes' remarks appear a lot different.

So this remark looks like nothing more than just another fig leaf, providing an opportunity for a lot of political-minded liberals to rationalize things and simply look the other way when the media ignores McCain's affairs.