Monday, August 11, 2008

Latest Mainstream Media Corruption And Hypocrisy

One of my readers wrote the following in the comments, so I want to post my response to it to make sure it gets noticed by readers who don't check out comments:

I feel sorry for Elizabeth Edwards. . . This whole Edwards scandal will probably make the media dig up McCain's affair with Cindy McCain and ask why McCain left his first wife.

Actually, that isn't happening.

I feel sorry for Elizabeth Edwards because the slimeball corrupt media and the Republicans are publishing this stuff about her private life (here is what I have to say about the media reporting on politician's sex-lives in general). But it's pretty natural that a lot of relationships fall apart, even though we often wouldn't like them to. John Edwards just isn't the best person for her, apparently, and you can't make an unsuitable person become a suitable one just by the happenstance of marrying them.

Here's what Joe Klein wrote-- here's how he opens up his blog post yesterday: "I never much liked John Edwards as a politician...and I guess we now know that he's a heel as a human being, too. But that doesn't mean his tawdry personal life is any of my concern."

(the ellipsis is in the original, apparently included just to give Joe's post a propaganda-conducive "tone of voice")

Way to sound like you're being paid by the Republicans, Joe. Objective and non-partisan media: Goodbye.

Elizabeth Edwards' misfortunes besides what people like Joe Klein are doing to her for the idiot corrupt Republicans may be bad, but at least they're normal. But with how the media is blowing up over her husband's affair, she's getting outrageous treatment-- being singled out to be put up in the stocks in front of the American people over an event in her life that's about as typical as getting into a traffic accident (in scientific polls, about 40% or 50% of people claim to have cheated on someone they were in a relationship with).

And the reason she's being singled out is because her husband's a Democrat!

And if you're one of those Democrats who is inclined to bend over for the Republicans whenever they give a spoiled-brat excuse, instead of seeing the truth that is standing plainly in front of your face-- i.e., if you think I'm just acting like a conspiracy theorist because you've heard of Republican affairs through the media-- ask yourself why the media isn't using this as a chance to remind people about the McCain affairs! Answer: it's because the corrupt, pro-McCain media wants to pretend that the McCain affairs don't exist at this point. They could point out the Giuliani affairs too.

If the ever get around to doing it, they'll probably have only one piece on one national network's stations (or only some of them) and they'll write it and present it in such a way that all the Democrats' affairs are listed first, and then there is a pause to make you think the list is over (in the hopes that at that point you'll stop paying attention and start talking to one of your kids), and then the news-reader goes on in a droning and unnoticeable way to mention a few (but not all) of the Republican affairs and sexual encounters. Count on it.

With everything else the Republicans do, I also wouldn't be surprised if they do "stings" on Democratic politicians to try to get their wives to become dissatisfied and bitchy with them, and then to get the politician to have an affair (which can later be revealed). What happened to Eliot Spitzer stinks of revenge, after all the justice he wrought. I'm not saying that that Democratic men are immune from having affairs, but they are a different breed than slimeball Republican men and I think they makes them less naturally prone to this kind of thing. What I am saying is that this is the kind of hardball, slimy game the Republicans are playing in every way, so even this is the kind of thing one should almost expect from them.