Saturday, August 30, 2008

One More Hack On The Pile Of Hacks

Here's John Cole running interference for the Republicans:

It seems so transparently cynical, so deeply poll-driven and focus-grouped, and so manifestly just a bone to the wingnut pro-life base and the 8 PUMA holdouts, that I really can't treat this pick seriously.
Riiiiiiighhht. Sarah Palin is a bone to the wingnut base. You know, the wingnut base of the Republican party, who have to be won over every election because they hate voting for Republicans, as opposed to the swing voters, who are in the bag.

Palin is more like a mixed bag than she is a "bone" tossed to the base, in my humble opinion.

And Cole's "maverick" routine is just like McCain's-- it always was, and it still is, just a schtick.